Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Today can just do one

Today and I are not friends.  Frankly, today can go f*ck itself royally.  Not for any major catastrophe for which I would be due sympathetic understanding, no, for a series of not serious irritations and let downs.  Firstly I was to meet old work friends for lunch.  I turned up, after an hour long drive and search for a parking space at the restaurant I thought we were to meet up only to sit for 10 minutes with no sign of them.  Did I have the wrong Nandos?  I checked the facebook message, and the postcodes of where I was and where we'd said to meet didn't match.  Bugger.

I get back to the car, and drive around for 20 minutes looking for a Nandos at that postcode.  Nothing.  Then I realise despite the fact we were going to Nandos said friend had given me the address for where she works.  Once I gleaned this bit of info I was able to find her office.  But no one was outside waiting.  So I rang, phone unavailable, facebooked, no response, so rang another of my colleagues only to find out that lunch had been cancelled.  Oh, had no one told me?


By this point, I'd not eaten and needed the loo.  So I stopped into a supermarket to use the facilities after negotiating people driving like aimless sheep (isn't that always the way when you're in a hurry).  One problem solved, I headed back to Lakeside to do the list of things I had planned for this afternoon.  Starving.  The two granola bars I'd had didn't hit the spot and were a bit nasty.  Thanks Udi's.  Off to McD's for a fruit smoothie and some fries to help fill the gap.  They got my drink order wrong.

A fruitless tour round Homebargains I realised that i wasn't going to get this list of jobs done today.  I was too tired and too irritated.  I just wasn't happening, so I trundled off to click and collect my groceries from Tesco.  But there was no one in the little hut.  So I waited.  I checked for a little note to give me info on a problem.  Nothing.  Time to ring the store and negotiate through the automated phone system to speak to a human being, who goes off to find out what's happening.  Oh, she says.  Can you not see someone coming towards you? They couldn't find the keys.  Nope.  Nary a soul.  So I wait another few minutes and at last, someone turns up.

Groceries loaded I took myself home.  And after a sandwich, I feel sleepy but more human.  I'll try again tomorrow.

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