Friday, 11 February 2011

Gaby returns

At 3am on Tuesday morning I was woken up by Gaby, jumping on the bed and letting out a constant stream of meows. He was thinner, but uninjured by his expedition to who knows where. Since then he's been quite clingy, wanting to be around me lots and very, very vocal though that's now settling down a bit as he gets over his scare.

It's great having him back, this morning he was playing with his brothers who really seemed to miss him. Whilst he was gone Luce, the most unsociable one of my ginger boys had been looking for cuddles and spent much more time with me. Now I'm getting ignored as per (except when I have the bag of chicken and cheese cat treats in my hand) and all is right with the world :)

This weekend I'm off to see a friend's new home and we're going out for lunch, can't wait. I've been making lots of cards lately, I must post them up here sometime soon.

Only one more week to go before a fortnight's break. Only thing formally booked so far is a day trip to France with Caroline who will be staying for a couple of days. Excellent! Will also be doing some crafting with Michelle, who's a complete virgin so I'm hoping to turn her to the dark side. It would be great to have a local friend to scrap and cardmake with.

Happy Friday everyone.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Missing Kitten

My 7 month old kitten Gaby has now been absent since Thursday. For those who don't do the whole pet thing this probably won't seem like a big deal. For those who do see their furry friends as loved and cherished members of the family, you'll know how I'm feeling right now. Today I'm going to drive round again, and then I'm going to distribute some posters to my neighbors in the hope he's just gotten stuck in someone's garage or shed.

This is Gaby.
If you live in the Thurrock/Grays/Tilbury area, please keep an eye out for him?