Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Entertaining the Bro

I'm having my Brother and Sister in Law over for lunch on Saturday, he's recently received his Civil Engineering Degree after years of working on it part time whilst still working.  I'm so very proud!  It's an amazing achievement.  It now means of course he's got more free time too so all in all it's a good time to celebrate.  Without actually mentioning it of course, he's not exactly what you'd called effusive and demonstrative is my little brother.

He loves lasagne and a roast, both of which I've made recently.  Watching the Pioneer Woman today she did a recipe for pulled pork.  I LOVE pulled pork, but I've struggled to get it right - it's been tough and difficult to pull apart.  Hardly the fork tender deliciousness I was trying to achieve.  Long, slow cooking seems to be the answer, and given that I'm doing this for other people I'm going to have a go at it today - it'll give me time to come up with an alternative if needs be.  Of course I'm not going to follow the recipe exactly - there's a huge shock huh?  Firstly, I want mine to be finished off in bbq sauce.  Secondly, where the hell do you find canned chipotle peppers in the UK short of amazon (Morrisons just made me a liar, they have chipotle paste)?

So, there's a pork shoulder in the slow cooker, with some chilli powder, a quartered onion, some maple syrup and coke.  Check back for the results!

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