Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Tast of Brazil - cheese breads, not football

I've had a mix for Brazilian Cheese breads (Pao de Queijo) in my cupboard for a long (very long, cough, cough) time.  As per normal for me, these have languished in their lonely spot due to my anxiety at trying new recipes but from their description they seemed to be the perfect thing to serve as garlic dough balls, of the gluten free variety.

And oh my god they're gorgeous!!!

The pack made 24 balls, which have a light, crisp shell and a really doughy interior.  I didn't measure out the cheese, I just put a couple of handfulls of medium mature cheddar into the dough.  It was enough, these were sufficiently cheesy.  They were very quick to get into the oven, though if I were making them from scratch they'd have taken a bit longer to do.  They're so good and the ingredients are so cheap that I'll be making my own next time.

One other marvellous thing about this recipe is that the other 20 I didn't bake?  You can freeze them and then bake direct from frozen.  This makes them excellent make ahead party snacks.  I'll be serving them hot from the oven, tossed in garlic and oregano butter.

Looking again at the picture, I've realised something.  That's no moon, that's a pao de queijo.  Yeah, I'm never going to be a Photographer or a Comedienne.

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