Friday, 13 February 2015

The Fifty Shades of Grey Film - What a ride!

It felt like we'd been waiting to see it for ages, and here it finally was, Fifty Shades of Grey on the big screen.

There was a loud and audible moan of disappointment when the film ended, due to frustration of being in the story and having it end rather than because it was bad. I think that's an excellent indicator overall of the reception of the very large crowd that saw the film this evening at Vue Lakeside.

It was hot, no question. I'd be happy to have more hotness but it certainly wasn't a cop out, it was a good snapshot of the book - like all these things you never get ever aspect of a book in the film. There just isn't time, as it was I think the running time was about 2 pretty engrossing hours.

The two actors did a good job. From the first trailer I'd thought that Dakota Johnson might have not been able to carry it off but she was a really convincing Anastasia. The 12 year old immature sniggers from the audience were irritating in places (people, it's just sex). It was (intentionally) laugh out loud in several places and made me rethink aspects of the story and want to read it again. It reinforced the fact that whilst the book is an erotic novel, there's plenty of story in there, of emotion and depth, pain, discovery and a whole host of other layers. It's not just about the shagging.

Fifty shades is not a catastrophe as some reviews have described it, I liked it. I'd not claim it as great and worthy cinema but I really enjoyed it, I'd see it again - actually not would, definitely will, and I'm looking forward to the blu(e) ray release. One gripe - again the double standard on nudity, female nudity is still seen as much more acceptable than male, hopefully this will change in 2 and 3. Sorry Jamie but we want to see your man parts, we really, really do.

It follows the structure of the books so far, so this film ends where book 1 does (hence the ooooohhhs) - hopefully that's not too much of a spoiler. Now off to google what's been said about the next two. And have a suspiciously early night.

PS Jamie Dornans bottom is AWESOME. Seriously lickable.

PPS I don't recommend you watch it with your Mum.