Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Great gnocchi

I've only (before today) tried gnocchi once.  I ordered it in a restaurant in Paris whilst living there as part of my degree course because I was feeling adventurous.  I'd expected a pasta, not really understanding that gnocchi is a pasta, but it's predominantly potato based.  Safe to say I wasn't very impressed and have avoided them ever since.

Nigella, my BFF (apart from the fact we've never met, she doesn't know who I am and I'm even too lazy to stalk her in RL, I just netstalk), does what she called a Rapid Roastini.  She described them as being like mini roast potatoes in minutes.  Now that's a description that works for me.

Ocado recently sent me a voucher for 20% off a shop with them, and they sell a couple of different brands of GF gnocchi as, though potato makes up a significant portion of the ingredients there's normally also wheat flour in them.  I digress.  Bionita make three flavours, plain, spinach and tomato and come in at about £1.50 a pack.  Positively cheap by GF standards.  So I added a couple of packs of plain and a spinach one to the shop.

If you've not tried gnocchi like this, do.  Do it now.  Run out and buy yourself packs of this stuff, and fry them gently in a pan - 4 mins per side as per her royal hotness, Lady Nige's recipe. They're lovely, crispy, slightly resistent centres totally unlike fake mash potato patties you get in every supermarkets freezer section which never come out as crispy as I want.  I served mine with spinach and pine nuts and leftover roast chicken from yesterday.  Sorry I didn't take a pic of my dinner, it kinda vanished.

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