Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ta da!

So it was the Italian Night last night and it was a really fun evening.

I do get what Ina Garten says, that she doesn't feel like it's a party unless the table is set. Having it done allows me to relax and I was pleased with the look achieved with just a couple of candles in bottles, a tablecloth and simple mats and napkins.

So a reminder of what the menu was, for those who managed to escape my previous blogs on the subject.

Antipasti - a selection of italian salamis, parma ham, stuffed cherry peppers, artichoke hearts and olives with breadsticks

Main - Lasagne, green salad with a lemon oil dressing and pao de queijo (brazilian cheese breads, lovely, doughy and totes amaze balls) tossed in garlic and oregano butter with tiny jam jars of extra butter for dipping.

Dessert - Hazelnut tiramisu.

Yes, I did coordinate the butter pots with the tablecloth.  I know.

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