Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My first exploding box

Ok well, technically the title is in some way a bit of a fib. This isn't the first one I've made but it is the first one I've managed to finish, the other is nearly there just needs it's photos putting in which should happen fairly soon I hope.

I made this for my Dad for a belated fathers day gift, or card, depending on your perspective.

The design is deliberately kept simple, my Dad's not one for fuss so I wanted to keep it feeling uncluttered.

Hope you like it....

Saturday, 19 June 2010

And finally... the pictures

I've finally gotten around to finishing off the album from the party. I struggled to get started on this, I knew the colour scheme that would work but it's not in my normal comfAdd Imageort zone and I had difficulty finding papers that were just right. In the end I di
scovered Lime Rickey from the Basic Grey range. The album is actually made from two different precut sets, I had the chipboard version from ages ago, thought, house party, excellent, that
'll be perfect. But there weren't nearly enough pages for the number of great photos my friend Jane had taken. Another bout of serious googling brought forth an acrylic album, exactly the same shape and size but from a completely different manufacturer and it was full steam ahead.

So, sorry, there are lots of photos here but I hope you like it.