Monday, 6 July 2009


I had a lovely weekend over in Bracknell with my scrapping partner in crime, Lynne, and her lovely two little girls. We had a barbecue, my first of the year, and it was lovely being able to have everything that was on offer. Hats off to Tesco's for having some gluten free stuff in their BBQ range, the ribs were particularly good and the lamb kebabs (organic only GF) are probably my favourite. Lynne made burgers, so no junk there, and I had some Genius bread to go with. In an exciting development, Mrs Crimbles have brought out their own range of fresh gluten free bread, available from Sainsbury's. I'll be giving that a go and reporting back on my next shopping trip.

Having a 7 and 4 year old running about doesn't leave much time for getting out the papers and the glitter, so we only got some scrapping done after their bedtimes, but it has put both of us in the mood to get on with more. So last night I set to work on my first Design Team blog, due next weekend. I'm really pleased with progress so far, it's got a lovely, summery feel to it but won't say too much about it at the moment or Marion will tell me off, she's small but fierce :)

I'm really enjoying my stamping, there are some gorgeous designs about and I particularly love both the Sugar and Spice stamps and the Bananafrog ones. I'm a big fan of stamps you can use again and again, patterns, shapes, flourishes all work well on both cards and layouts. I suggested to Bev of Bananafrog that they have a 'pick and mix' option, pay one price, pick as many stamps as will fit on an A5 acetate. She said they're considering it, I think that would be an excellent way to buy just the ones you like.

Busy week coming up, and friend's Hen Night on Friday - dinner and a Bjorn Again concert. Should be ace!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your creation! and glad you had a lovely weekend!

  2. Love the idea of Pick and Mix.

  3. glad you had a good weekend and you are finding more foods. Yup kids do hamper the old scrap booking efforts but they also give some great pictures to put in the scrapbook