Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Big News - Cats Purr when they want something!!! Grumpy old woman speaks.

It's true, some people are paid to do research that is just, well, excuse the pun, BARKING. According to research, which some highly intelligent people have been paid to do cats use purring to get what they want. Wow. Who knew? Well apparently we did....

"Cat owners may have suspected as much, but it seems our feline friends have found a way to manipulate us humans."

As the proud owner of these two very naughty boys , I can tell you this is no surprise. In fact it's no suprise to anyone who's even met a cat, let alone owned one. Really, is this a good use of time and money? What's next? I can see the headlines now.....

BREAKING NEWS - Research shows that the sun rises in the morning and sets at night, although the time of these two events varies through the year, scientists confidently predict this will continue happening for the foreseable future, with one quoted as saying "we believe this phenomenon might even go on for as long as the earth continues to turn. Next we want to study if traffic slows down people's journies and if people actually do get wet when they stand out in the rain".

Speaking of cats, mine brought home their first trophy last night, in the shape of a pterodactyl. Ok, that might be a tiny exageration but it was a very large flying insect, with a wing span of around 5-6", and a thick body measuring 4". When I first saw it flapping about at the edge of the conservatory I thought they'd got hold of a bat. Of course, it had to come in the house, still flapping in a vain attempt to get away, and it's at times like those when you really need a big strong bloke about to rescue you! Instead I slunk upstairs and ignored it. Corpse clear up job tonight. Lovely.


  1. So have you worked out what said creature is yet?

  2. No, for some reason perusing pictures of over sized flying insects isn't on my to do list :)

  3. should have taken a picture and sent it to my hubby/your cousin and asked him to find out what it was (tee hee)

  4. Well fortunately by the time I'd got home the remains were gone, snack finished off by the boys it seems. I'll bear it in mind next time!