Monday, 4 April 2011


We all do it, make excuses for things we don't want to do, or more likely, fear. For me and scrapping my stumbling block has always been the quality of photos I take, I never seem to get the right shot - it's badly lit, blurry, too small. But the thing with excuses is generally people can see right through them. We let ourselves off whatever it is we find difficult or challenging by finding ways that indicate it's not our fault. In this case, it's the camera's fault. Honest. You're not fooled, right? In part this isn't completely untrue, my little Samsung Digital 10Mp compact does a pretty good job, but it's a bit unpredictable in low light - sometimes good, sometimes awful, and the zoom isn't much to write home about. Photos taken of artists on a stage could be of anyone from from Abba to Led Zeppellin. Though anyone who knows me would realise that my attendance of a Led Zep concert is just a teensy bit unlikely. So, I've gone for an upgrade, to another member of the Samsung famiy, a WB600 Bridge camera. A bridge is somewhere between a compact and a fancy schmansy SLR (see why it's called a bridge huh?). So, you can point and click but once you get a bit more adept you can mess with the manual settings. Having the tools is all very well, of course, but I'm aware that the camera isn't really the whole and entire cause of my failure to reach the David Baileyesque levels of image capture. So I'm signed up to one of Cheryl's online workshops - which can be found here: to learn some basic techniques. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm never going to be one of those people with a hulking great DSLR and a trunk full of lenses, though all power to you if you are. I just want to look at my pictures and not feel myself making excuses for them. Even if it's just to myself.

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