Saturday, 9 January 2016


As some might know, I tend to make truffles as gifts at Christmas, and I use a small metal scoop to try and get them nice and even and professional looking.  I managed to break it this year (note to self, micro the truffle centre mix for 10 seconds before trying to make it into balls), so ordered another from ebay, without checking the size guestimating it to be 4cm.  So it arrives, but it's 5cm.  And it should have been 3cm anyway but that's by the by.  So I message them and explain it's the wrong size according to their description so they send out another one.  It's exactly the same as the first, yes, it's 5cm.  I write again, and they apologise and refund me.  So I head off to Amazon where I buy what's described as a medium, 3cm scoop.  It turns up, and lo and behold it's exactly the same as the two I've already got, even down to the packaging.  I send them a message, and they kindly offer me a 30% refund to keep it.  Thanks.  But no.  I get a refund.  So, I'm now up 3 scoops (1 of which I gave to a baking friend as part of her Christmas presents), in addition to the 1 I already had.  And no 3cm scoop.

So the search continues.  I know they exist.  I had one....

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