Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Mojo is Back

The mojo has returned and I'm in a creative mood. I didn't get round to baking cookies last weekend, my local supermarkets don't stock almond butter and my legs were too achy to head into Lakeside to Holland & Barrett, so I'm going to have a go at making my own which appears to be relatively easy with a food processor.

I'm just waiting for some pink vellum to come so I can finish the first of this month's design team postings, which is due on Friday so I'm actually ahead. I also got the new cuttlebug out of it's box last night and attached the handle so it's time to play around with that and my new sizzix dies. I'm feeling the need to play with my stash, and have an idea focused around Bee, one of my kittens, snoozing in what looks like a very uncomfortable position, and another one around one of my loves, Geisha. I hope this drive lasts til the weekend, which seems a long, long way off.

Friday I'm taking the boys for the cruelest cut of all at the vets. I feel very guilty, I'm reliably informed that this is the best thing for them and for the local cat population. It still feels like it's better for me than for them.


  1. Don't worry, the boys will be fine!!!!!!!

  2. Welcome back mojo...am beginning tothnk that youshould have a concurrent recipe blog..last weekend's food for the Chester party sounded FAB!

  3. Glad to see your mojo back. Enjoy your cuttlebug :-)

  4. I am sure the boys will be fine!! glad the mojo is back, can't wait to see more pictures of your work.

    I hear almond butter is pretty easy to make,i have a friend who makes it and cashew butter too ...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm CASHEWS

  5. good to hear the mojo has returned!

    Have given you a blog award, check out my blog for more details